it is an application designed by musician for musicians, singers and all those who need a collection of his own songs and texts in a portable, compact form on stage. The purpose of the program is replacing sets of the paper songs, texts, notes, tabs, etc., providing friendly interface combines all the above features.

     (unlike other applications of this type) is created and developed by a group of musicians, who work with the application every day on the scenes during various ceremonies and events like weddings, dances, proms, balls and all kinds of music events..

onStage! - startup

Key features of the program:
    • Library of songs containing chords, tabulatures, with playlist functionality.
      Ability to search by many tags simultaneously (names, artists, genres, etc ...)
    • Library of songs, simple texts, wishlist, greetings etc. Ability to search by name.
    • Transposition of chords stored separately for all songs and users.
    • Ability to save different transpose settings for users.
    • Chords saved inside song in popular ChordPro format.
    • Global or local display settings for each track separately.
    • Placing of chords synchronized with the text as well as chords appearing anywhere on the screen.
    • Extensive configuration options screen preview tracks.
      Colors, fonts, sizes, types of chords etc...
    • Individual or global settings for each song.
    • Quick search by multiple tags.
    • The built-in editor of songs and text files.
    • Simple import and export all files.
    • Work based on playlist with possibility of fast switching to song from outside playlist..
    • The program's interface in several languages.
    • Software version for Android, iOS.

... plus many other features which the suggestions we get from users on a regular basis.

Functionalities under development:
Prepare to release a new version of Android/iOS/Windows (including the ability to log into the admin site).

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